1. Glass Facades
    Structural Curtain Wall
    Caped Curtain Wall
    Spider System
2. Doors and Windows
    Opening Cold System
    Opening Thermal Break System
    Automatic Sliding Doors
    Sliding Dors
    Revolving Doors
    Harmonic Doors
    Glass Doors
    Aluminium Doors
3. Other systems facades
    Composite Aluminium Panels System
    Case System
    Terracotta System
    Trespa System
4. The glass processing
    Automatic cutting glass in all forms
    Flat and bent tempered glass
    Glass bending
    Edger-grinding glass
    Polishing glass
    Patterned Glass
    Glass Drilling
5. Modular Internal Partition
6. Shower Cabinet
7. Glass Canopy
8. Glass Stair Railings
9. Alucobond Bending
10. Sun Control

Shower Cabinet