Who we are.

The Lami Glass Enterprise has acted under the name of "NPT Consafis " since 11.01.2001 till 2008, when the name of the Enterprise was changed to "NPT Lami Glass". It is privately owned and it is operating successfully since 2001.

From the beginning the main activity of the Enterprise has been shaping and transformation of flat glass.
The shaping and transformation of flat glass is done in the Glass Processing Factory, which is privately owned in a 1400 m² area.

The factory of Shaping and Transformation of the glass has a very good and convenient infrastructure which responds volubly to the productivity. Since the year 2001 until now the Enterprise has had a successful development and as a result of this success the Enterprise has expanded its activity by investing in the purchase of machinery of the latest manufacturing technology.

The success of the Enterprise in the local market has drawn the attention of investors from Albania, and in order to respond to their requests in 2009 we opened a branch in Shkodra, Albania.

Currently the activity of the Enterprise is expanded even in Montenyegro, Macedonia and Switzerland.